100% Refined Sugar

White Sugar is the most popular product used to fill the sweetness in baked goods as well as in beverages. This is also called to be as an all-purpose sweetener for decades. The White Sugar is extracted from sugarcane and sugar beets. The juice of both commodities after harvesting is extracted and boiled down to remove moisture. The natural sucrose in the juice starts to crystallize as its moisture diminishes. If you wish to buy White Sugar at the best prices and with a 100% quality product guarantee, you can choose your own way of packaging the product.


Colour (ICUMSA Units)under 45 by method 9
Polarisation: 99.8%
Minimum Moisture 0.05% Max
Reducing sugars: 0.04% Max
Glucose & Invert Sugars (mg): 112mg Max
Ash Content: 0.05% Max
Solubility: 99.99%
Sulphur dioxide (ppm): 15ppm Max
Granulation: Super Fine or Fine Radiation Not available

Parameters Colour (ICUMSA Units) under 45 by method 9 Polarisation 99.8% Minimum Moisture0.05% Max Reducing sugars0.04% Max Glucose & Invert Sugars (mg)112mg Max Ash Content0.05% MaxSolubility99.99% Sulphur dioxide (ppm)15ppm Max Granulation Super Fine or Fine Radiation Not available.


Due to its optimality and rich taste, ICUSMSA 45 is extensively demanded and appreciated by all major national as well as international clients. we provide the ICUMSE 45 service to our esteemed clients. This type of sugar is highly enriched with carbohydrates and contains hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. ICUMSE 45 adds a unique taste to various foods and drinks all over the world. It is demanded from all over the world and is very hygienic to use. Order your ICUMSA 45 today with the best suppliers.

With its distinctive brown colour due to the presence of molasses, Brown Raw Sugar is a sucrose sugar product. It is an unrefined or partially refined soft sugar. Brown Raw Sugar consists of sugar crystals with some residual molasses content (Natural Brown Sugar). In the production, the refined white sugar (Commercial Brown Sugar) is added with molasses. We are the leading firm providing our clients with the best service and quality products. If you want to buy Brown Raw Sugar, then contact us. We will deliver your product to you in safe and attractive packaging at reasonable prices.


Fit for Human Consumption
Polarity at 20 Deg.
Centigrade: 97.80 Min.
Ash Content : 0.15% Máx.
Moisture : 0.15% Máx.
Solubility : 95%
Granulation : 0.6 mm of Regular Square (medium size)
ICUMSA : 1200 Typical ICUMSA, Attenuation Index Units
Method no: 4-1978
Sediments : None
Magnetic Particles : 10 mg/kg
SO2 : 120 mg/kg
Radiation : within internationally acceptable limits
Smell : Free of any smell
Reducing Sugar : 0.05% max
Max AS : 1 p.p.m
Max OS : 2 p.p.m.
MAX CU : 3 p.p.m.
Substance : Solid, Crystal max
Color : Brown

Brown cane sugar : refined standards to ICUMSA 600-1200Polarity at 20C : 97.8C to 99.2CSulphate content : 0.15% max.Weight : solid cristal max. weight Ash content : 0.15% max. weight Solid : crystal max. weight Moisture : 0.15% max. weight 1 p.p.m Solubility : 97% dry & free flowing Granulation : 1.00-1.5am/mm Sendiments : none Color : golden brown crop 2011 or later Magnetic particles : mg/k4.S02 : 20mg/kg maximum Radiation : normal w/o presence of caesium or iodine: certified Smell : free of any smell & all pathogens: staph auras Reducing sugar : 0.05% max

RAW S/B ICUMSA 600-1200

Raw Sugar Brown ICUMSA 600-1200. This type of product is highly demanded and admired for its pure, natural brown color. It is also considered ideal to produce highly refined sugar. We use ultra-modern refining methods under professionals’ supervision to process the demanded product at well-equipped premises. It is uniformly grated, has excellent taste, and absolutely chemical-free product. You can buy Raw S/B ICUMSA 600-1200 here at the best prices. This product can be stored for a longer time period. Order today!

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